Major Attractions around Lumbini


The Ashoka Pillar

Ashoka , the most well known king of the Maurya dynasty erected this. This pillar, though broken, still remains at the site. This pillar stands at over 22 feet tall and a well preserved inscription in five lines states that it stands in the area where the birth occurred. It was named after the place Rupandehi also known as the Rummendei.

Dharmaswami Maharaja Buddha Vihara

 Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar is a Buddhist Gompa based on Sakyapa order. It was established by His Eminence Chogya Trichen Rinpoche. The immense peace and tranquility of the site makes it a perfect place for meditation and quiet introspection. Every day, Tara Pooja is performeds by the 600 monks residing in the monastery. There is also a research institute which has awesome collections of Buddhist literature. Different monasteries inspired by the styles of countries like Japan,China, Korea,Thailand, Vietnam can be obserbed there.

Lumbini Grove

The sacred site of the Buddha’s birth is at the southern end of Lumbini grove which is also a popular site of lumbini. It is 27 Km from Sunauli on the Indo-Nepal border. Queen Maha maya stood there and gave birth to future Buddha while holding a branch of Sal tree. Many rooms and a stone slab were discovered through researches and marked the place as the exact location at which the Buddha (Siddhartha) was born.


 Kapilvastu is the ancient city where Siddhartha (Buddha ater enlighment)  was raised and lived until the age of 29, when he renounced worldly life. When Bddha got enlightenment, he returned to Kapilavastu where his cousins Ananda and Devadatta, his half-brother Nanda, his barber Upali, and even his son Rahula joined the Buddha as part of his monastic community. It is around 27km west of Lumbini.

The Mayadevi temple

The temple stands adjacent to a sacred pool (known as Puskarni) and a sacred garden.This is a temple with beautiful panels with stone and marble which reflects Mayadevi holding the sal tree and Siddhartha emerging out of her. There is a tank outside the temple where Queen Mahamaya had her bath before the delivery.


 This is another historical place in lumbini. It is a place where Buddha visited after he got enlightment. It is located around 2km, southwest of Taulihawa.Buddha visited here several times.


 It is reinforced area was exlpored by the famous Indian archaeologist P.C. Mukharji as the town of one of the forms of Buddha known as Kanakmuni Buddha. Also, an ancient moat and brick can be found around. It is located around 10 km northwest of Taulihawa,mainly known as Aroarakot.


 Nilsagar has quadrangular water body where there are two broken pieces of the Ashokan pillar, the longer one laying flat and the shorter ones stack into the ground. The pillar has two peacocks on the top and a Devanagari scripted Om Mani Padme Hum which is a holy chant. It is located around 8km, northwest of Taulihawa.


 Ramagrama is a stupa which is 7meter tall.It is the only stupa that was not interfered by Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BC and the place still has body relics of Lord Shakyamuni Buddha.This is the only stupa which is still in its original form.Ramagrama is a major attraction for holy pilgrimages.


It is located around 12 km. north of Taulihawa. Saharhawa is a forest with a big lake known as Lumbusagar. Here, the Sakyas were massacred by King Virudhaka out of vengeance. The entire area of this site was littered with blood of the Sakyas. About 70,000 Sakyas were killed in the massacre. Later, in the memory of the noble Sakyas, hundreds of the stupas were built here by their descendant.


 Gotihawa also known as Khemawati in ancient times is a village located about 5 km southwest of Taulihawa. There is a 3.5m tall Ashokan Pillar and a giant stupa. According to  Thervada Buddhist belief, Kakusandha Buddha  was born in Khemavati. Kakusandha Buddha is one of the ancient Buddhas.


 Devdaha is the capital of Koliya Kingdom.This site is the maternal home of Queen It is located around 54km east of lumbini. It is the maternal home of Queen Mayadevi, Prajapati Gautami and Princess Yasodhara. Prince Siddhartha had spent some years of his childhood with his step-mother/aunt Prajapati Gautami. The place located around 54km east of lumbini.

World Peace Pagoda

 Japan Peace Stupa is also among the major attraction of Lumbini. This World Peace Pagoda is a 41m high structure situated at the northern end of the Gardens.